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Four Lands. Four Paths.

"The fourfold journey teaches us that growth often comes from necessity, and its arrival not only yields benefit, but also exacts cost, most often discomfort and adjustment, sometimes severe.”

 Alexander John Shaia, Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation

"One can either brush aside such tales as child's play, fantasias that gave amusement in the age before TV - or one can seek to penetrate in ways that question the very structures of space and time, exploring consciousness and meaning in the deeper realms of life within the soul"

Alastair McIntosh, Poacher's Pilgrimage

"It was approaching that time of nature’s cycle when the mask of clung summer days begins to slip and reveals the decay and loss which have been there the whole time. The starkness of the oncoming season, the truth of its expirations and brokenness, has been hidden there the entire time, nourishing the others if you pause and gaze on it."

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